Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Guadalupe RV Park & Campgrounds open year-round?

Can I stay year-round at Guadalupe River RV Park & Campgrounds?
Guadalupe River RV PArk & Campgrounds is open year-round; however, it is not conducive for full-time residency. Seasonal rates are assessed by the month during Low Season, while Mid, Peak and High season are assessed by the night or week.

Do you have WiFi or Cable?
Complimentary Wi-Fi access is provided. Wi-Fi speed is impacted by usage which is high between 5:00 PM and 12:00 AM. We do not guarantee Wi-Fi access at every site. Our main building is a Wi-Fi hotspot. Our system is designed to support email, messaging and similar communications. There is no cable at the park.

Can I have a campfire?
You bet!! This is a good question to ask when making reservations at campgrounds in the area. ALL of our sites have BBQ grills/campfire pits AND picnic tables. We have bundled, dry firewood for sale at the office.  The county posts the current fire danger–if the danger has reached the “High” or “Extreme” level, campfires will be restricted.

Can your park handle my coach (big rig) and tow vehicle?
Sure can…on a nice, long pull-through site with room for your slide-outs and awnings. We can accommodate rigs to 53′ towing a car or truck. (This is another good question to ask when making campground reservations.)

Can we bring the dog(s) or cat(s) to your campground?
While the Guadalupe River RV Park and Campgrounds is considered to be “pet friendly”, this really means “owner responsible”. Pets must be on leashes with their owner when outside at all times. Pets are not to be left unattended outside or in personal vehicles under any circumstances. Pets are NOT permitted in cabins, tent sites, or to be left in any vehicles other than campers or RV’s with functioning climate control. City ordinance prohibits pets from being allowed on the river. Each owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Failure to clean up after your pet will result in expulsion from the campground.

What about taking my dog to the river?
Pets are not allowed in the river. City ordinance prohibits pets from being allowed on the river.

Do you have hot showers and do they cost extra?
Yes, we have wonderful, clean, and private hot showers. There is no extra charge as you will find at some other campgrounds.

When should I reserve my site?
Reservations can be made all year long. It is best to reserve early (January, February, March) if you plan to arrive during the peak season (mid-June through mid-August).

Can I invite the in-laws to stay at my site?
If the in-laws and their kids, (or other family members, or friends) are riding in the same vehicle with you, the only charge would be for more than 2 people. (Grandma and Grandpa in your RV would be extra). If the in-laws are in their own vehicle, they will have to rent their own site. This is standard practice throughout the private campground industry. State and National parks have different policies. Reserve early and we can make sure your sites are in close proximity.

Can I stay longer than my reservation?
Space is reserved on a first come, first serve basis. If you have reserved your site for 5 days and decide at the last minute that you want to stay an extra couple of days, we will do our best to accommodate you. During peak season, (June 22nd through mid-August) it is sometimes difficult to accommodate every request, especially for full hook-up sites. It’s not that we don’t want you to stay, but others have made reservations and we may already have rented the site for the day you are leaving. I promise we will do our best to take care of everyone as we hate to disappoint. But please understand and reserve early, if possible.

When is your busiest time, or least busiest?
Our busiest weeks are the last week of June through the middle of August. September is a wonderful time to visit as the weather is usually mild and the crowds after Labor Day, have gone home!

How are the mosquitoes/bugs/snakes/creepy crawlers/poison ivy at your campground?
We generally don’t have much of a problem with mosquitoes or other bugs. There is NO poison ivy or oak. We haven't have a snake episode in years, but this is Texas and you never know, so keep your eyes open and stay on the trails.

Do I need a Texas fishing license to fish in your river?
No license is necessary.

Can I use my generator while staying at the River’s End Campground & RV Park?
No camper usage of gas powered equipment is permitted. Electric adapters are encouraged and for sale in the Campground Store.

Can I host a rally, event, ceremony, or other gathering at the Guadalupe River RV Park & Campgrounds?
Yes! We offer a range of amenities to such travel groups who choose us for their event rallying point and/or host site. Please contact us as soon as you know your specifics (dates of stay/# of campers/# of coaches/type & length of each coach), and we’ll get to work!

Can I bring my golf cart to Guadalupe River RV Park & Campgrounds?
Guadalupe River RV Park & Campgrounds allows the use of electric powered recreation vehicles within the park. Gasoline powered recreation vehicles are strictly prohibited within the park.